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Rent a helicopter

Whether you want to plan an air tour, a wedding grant entrance or a romantic picnic on an isolated island in Greece, a helicopter ride might be exactly what you need.

Helicopters are a safe and fast mean of transportation that values your privacy, combined with the spectacular air view, makes them an unforgettable experience. These flying choppers can land and take off from almost anywhere, making them ideal for island hoping and transfer, from and to, the most remote areas. More specifically helicopters can be used for:

  • Air tours above islands or regions
  • Fast island hoping and connection with mainland
  • Transfer of VIPs or not, in privacy, comfort and quickly at their convenience
  • Fast and safe transfer of medical equipment and human organs
  • Remote area transfers of passengers and goods
  • Aerial news coverage
  • Air rescue coverage
  • Aerial photo shoots, filming or monitoring of constructions, highways and area mapping.
  • Firefighting with special equipped helicopters and its network of helicopters throughout Greece and Cyprus can plan and execute any air transfers or tours you may want to experience. If you want to live this unique experience please fill up the form below and our team will propose the best possible solution(s) for your needs.

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